Summit Lake Neighborhood

Land Use Plan 
Our Summit Lake was a community planning process held in 2021 to create a shared vision for land within the Summit Lake neighborhood. By working together, local residents and The City of Akron are working to transform the vision into reality.

View the land use planning process and map here!

Form-Based Zoning
Rezoning the neighborhood is an important step towards making the Land Use Plan a reality. 
To address these inconsistencies and encourage development that is complementary to the neighborhood, the Planning Department is proposing to rezone the area using the City’s recently adopted Form-Based Zoning Code. Rezoning will allow for the development of new businesses and the construction of housing types at a range of price points. 
A community meeting was held on January 11, 2024 to discuss a neighborhood form-based zoning code. 
View a map of the proposed zoning districts here
View a detailed map of the rezoning here.  

Click HERE to access the City of Akron Form-Based Zoning Code

Recent Events
Planning Commission Public Hearing
Friday, January 19, 2024
Akron City Hall Council Chambers
166 S High Street, Akron, OH 44308
Summit Lake Neighborhood rezoning