Transparency Hub

Transparency Hub

Welcome to the Akron Police Department's Transparency Hub!

The Akron Police Department Transparency Hub exists to foster trust, accountability, and mutual respect between the Akron Police Department and the community we serve. Through this Transparency Hub, we are committed to providing open and honest communication, ensuring access to pertinent information and data regarding our operations, practices, and interactions.

We aim to empower our community with knowledge, promoting informed dialogue and collaboration. By maintaining transparency, we strive to build a foundation of confidence and integrity, reinforcing our dedication to serving with honor, professionalism, and compassion.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our Transparency Hub and will make updates on a regular basis.


Our Mission is to serve the community of Akron in a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of life through crime prevention, enforcement of laws, promotion of safety and reduction of fear.


  • Chief's Dashboard: Monthly Chief's Dashboard with Significant Incidents, Calls for Service, and Use of Force and Complaint Data
  • Crime Statistics: Community Crime Maps for city-wide crimes and location searches
  • Report Lookup: Read a specific report or group of reports by crime type and/or area
  • Please see the charts below highlighting our officer gender and race breakdown, current as of March 2024 (please note the most recent academy class has the highest number of females Akron Police has ever had):



  • Click Here for our Akron Police Procedures. Police Procedures are categorized by Administrative, Communications, Equipment and Technology, General Operations, Patrol Operations, Traffic Operations and Use of Force.
  • Click Here for the Officer of Professional Standards and Accountability Internal Standard Operating Police Manual for our department.


Akron Police Community Relations (PCR): PCR consists of officers who are dedicated to collaborating with the community members and partners to strengthen relationships and enhance public trust. PCR is responsible for programming in the community that supports the Mission Statement for the department with a specific focus on enhancing the quality of life through crime prevention and reduction of fear. PCR includes: Captain Brown, Sgt Tersigni, Officer Natko and Administrative Assistant M. Hentosz.

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Gun Violence Reduction Team consists of one sergeant and five detectives. It was started in April 2014 when the Akron Police Department started working with the Ohio Attorney General's Office on looking at violent crimes involving guns. Shortly thereafter the department adopted Project Safe Neighborhoods, also known as Operation Ceasefire. Operation Ceasefire was the beginning of a more directed focus on gun crimes in our city. The Mission Statement for the Gun Violence Reduction Unit is to lower the violent crime rate using the principals of the Project Safe Neighborhood initiative to target the most violent offenders in the community. These individuals participate in gun violence with recklessness and disregard for the safety of the citizens of Akron.


The Crime Scene Unit is commanded by a lieutenant. There are three shifts that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The three shifts each consist of four detectives and a sergeant. They are responsible for documentation and evidence collection at major crime scenes and whenever they are asked to assist. They fulfill many other duties at the police station.

The Body Worn Camera Unit (BWC) is operated by two detectives who are supervised by the dayshift CSU sergeant. They liaison with the city legal department to fulfill public records requests and city, county, and federal prosecutor requests for electronically stored evidence and video. They are also responsible for the maintenance and issuing of BWC's.

Based out of the Crime Scene Unit, the BWC Unit oversees: the training of APD personnel in the cameras and associated technologies; uploading of digital videos produced; and, a cloud based digital evidence storage system.  The BWC Unit conducts redactions of digital videos pursuant to public records requests and Ohio law.  The detectives create digital files of videos and other evidence on and share those with Akron City and Summit County Prosecutors.  In addition, the BWC Unit works on outside digital videos for investigators from other units using advanced video forensic software.  The BWC Unit has been involved in preparing digital video evidence for prosecutions of murders and other violent crimes captured on video, as well as officer involved shooting incidents.

Citizens can submit photo and video evidence for an existing case report through by contacting the Akron Police Department.

The Computer Forensic Unit consists of a sergeant and a detective. The unit gathers data/evidence from electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, surveillance systems and digital storage devices.