Uniform Subdivision

Uniform Subdivision

apd_home_page_picThe Uniform Subdivision is the largest of the Akron Police Department’s three subdivisions and is divided into two bureaus; the Patrol Bureau and the Traffic Bureau.

The Patrol Bureau is divided into four platoons and provides 24-hour coverage in the City’s 12 districts.  Their primary function is to respond to calls for service reported by the citizens in an efficient, thorough, and professional manner.  While not on calls, patrol officers conduct park and walks in neighborhoods, provide extra patrols in areas requested by citizens, and other-directed policing activities to provide a high level of service to promote safety in the community.     

Within the Uniform Subdivision, are smaller, specially trained groups of officers utilized to accomplish specific tasks and goals. These include Akron Police Honor Guard, Akron Police K-9, Akron Police Reserve Program, Court/Building Security, Community Engagement Team (CET), Patrol Operations, Police Community Relations, School Resource Officers (SRO), Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), the Motor Unit and the Information Desk. All entities have been instrumental in assisting patrol officers in completing their mission and creating a safer environment for the citizens of Akron.

The Akron Police Honor Guard is a voluntary unit of active Akron Police Officers. The unit strives to present a cohesive and dignified image in the various parades, funerals, and other law enforcement related events in which it represents the police department. The primary function of the honor guard is to bestow appropriate honors on our deceased active and retired officers. The unit also conducts color guard duties for parades and flag postings.

Akron Police Information Desk is designated to assist citizens that come to the police station for police issues.  The Information Desk completes police reports for citizens if it does not require a uniformed officer to respond to the incident location.  They track towed vehicles in the City of Akron, as well as authorizes the release of a vehicle that has been towed.  The Information Desk also receives telephone calls from citizens to assist in a broad spectrum of concerns.

Akron Police K-9 supports the mission of the Patrol Bureau. One K-9 sergeant and five K-9 officers and their K-9 partners. These K-9 teams are assigned to and span all patrol shifts. They are utilized for drug detection, building and crime scene searches, suspect tracking, and locating missing and lost children; in addition to showcasing their skills at K-9 exhibitions throughout the city.

The Akron Police Reserve Officer Program supplements the department in numerous areas. Reserves typically donate over 9,000 work hours to the city each year.

Court/Building Security was originally established as the Court Liaison Detail in 1981 to provide security for the Municipal Courts. In 1996, their responsibilities were expanded to include providing security for the entire Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center. Court/Building Security monitors arraignments and trials held in the six Municipal Courts and has extended responsibilities for monitoring the video arraignments transmitted daily from the Summit County Jail.  Additionally, they perform the security screening for everyone who enters the Stubbs Justice Center.

Community Engagement Team (CET) consists of officers assigned to specific areas of the city. These officers respond to ongoing and persistent community/neighborhood issues.  They attend all council ward meetings, host community events to engage with the public, and assist City officials with housing and nuisance complaints.   

Patrol Operations is responsible for the day-to-day administrative needs of the Uniform Subdivision. They are also responsible for documenting citizen complaints lodged against police officers. They review the complaints, assign them to appropriate personnel, and track the outcomes of the investigations.

Police Community Relations consists of officers who are dedicated to collaborating with the community members and partners to strengthen relationships and enhance public trust. PCR is responsible for programming in the community that supports the Mission Statement for the department with a specific focus on enhancing the quality of life through crime prevention and reduction of fear.

School Resource Officers (SRO) are law enforcement officers placed in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. SRO's represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools by building relationships with students, staff, and community members. The SRO's and their many partners work to engage students and build community trust through non-enforcement interactions, teaching, and counseling/mentoring activities.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is a call up unit that is used to conduct drug raids, resolve barricaded suspects and/or hostage situations, high risk arrest warrants, and dignitary protection.

The Motorcycle Unit is a group of highly trained and skilled motorcycle operators with duties that include traffic enforcement, special events and dignitary escorts.  Some of these events include the welcome Santa parade, Soap Box Derby escorts, community parades, and assisting with the presidential appearances.  The Unit also engages with the community during traffic details to promote safety through education.      

The Traffic Bureau has the primary responsibility of enforcing the traffic laws of both the City of Akron and the State of Ohio. The assigned officers follow up on complaints from citizens regarding parking and speed violations. The Traffic Bureau also functions as the primary responders to vehicular accidents.  The Bureau’s other specialized function include Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Hit Skip, and Commercial Vehicle Weight Enforcement.

Traffic Crash Reconstruction investigates fatal crashes and serious injury or felony accidents. In addition, they support all officer requests for crash analysis, evaluates equipment requisitions and assists in criminal investigations where motor vehicles are involved.

The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for coordinating traffic control for special events throughout the city.  Some of these include Akron Marathon, Soap Box Derby, July 4th fireworks, memorial walks, baseball games, parades, and many more.