Zone Command

Zone Command

Zone One

Zone One consists primarily of the Downtown Akron, Elizabeth Park Valley, Highland Square, University of Akron, and Middlebury areas.  Zone One includes Districts One, Eleven, and Twelve.

Zone Two

Zone Two consists primarily of the North Hill, Chapel Hill, Goodyear Heights, and Ellet areas.  Zone Two includes Districts Two, Three, and Four.

Zone Three

Zone Three consists primarily of the Firestone Park, South Akron, Kenmore, East Akron, Rolling Acres, and Summit Lake areas.  Zone Three includes Districts Five, Six, and Seven.

Zone Four

Zone Four consists primarily of the Fairlawn Heights, Northwest Akron, Wallhaven, Merriman Valley, West Akron, and Lane/Wooster areas.  Zone Four includes Districts, Eight, Nine, and Ten.

Zone Command Map (PDF, also see below)
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APD Zone Command Map (Click Map To Enlarge)
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APD Sectors And Districts (Click Map To Enlarge)