Construction Division

Construction Contracts Administration

The Construction Division administers construction contracts for the public improvement projects in the C.I.P. Budget. It includes pre-bid meetings, bid evaluation, pre-award meetings, pre-construction meetings, on-site inspection of contractor's work for compliance with plans and specifications, claims resolution, approval of contractor's pay estimates, processing change orders, acceptance of completed work, etc. It is also responsible for resolving problems associated with differing site conditions or change in scope of work during construction phase.

Public Improvement Inspection
The Construction Division is responsible for on-site inspection of public improvements in subdivisions/allotments for compliance with plans and specifications, and acceptance of the facilities upon completion.

Plan Review
The Construction Division reviews the construction plans and specifications during design phase for constructability and completeness. It is also responsible for review and update of construction standards and material specifications in cooperation with the Design and Environmental Divisions.

Project Management
The Construction Division is responsible for coordinating the construction phase of all state and federally funded transportation projects in the City. It provides liaison with Ohio Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and various City divisions such as Public Works Bureau, Water Bureau, Sewer, Bureau, Traffic Engineering Division, etc.

Materials Testing Laboratory
The Construction Division is responsible for the administration of the Materials Testing Laboratory located at the Municipal Services Center. It oversees services for quality control of construction materials and makes exploratory investigations of existing facilities to assist other divisions during the preliminary engineering phase.

Bridge Inspection and Inventory
The Construction Division is responsible for condition inspection of bridges. It maintains and updates inventory records per state and federal laws, policies and guidelines. Based on inspection reports, it makes recommendations on repair priorities for the bridge maintenance program.

Public Involvement
The Construction Division is responsible for the investigation of construction-related concerns and complaints from the public and taking appropriate action to resolve them. It meets with councilpersons, residents, news media and public to provide information on project scope, construction schedules, etc.

Railroad Grade Crossings
The Construction Division maintains an inventory record of on-grade railroad crossings in the City and conducts periodic inspection of the same as required.

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