Leaf Collection

The Street Cleaning Division has completed leaf collection for the 2023 season.

Due to not collecting 80% or more of our normal volume in the first 4 Wards, we will be posting signs and providing additional pickup to Wards 5, 3, 6 and 10. 

Ward 5       December 9, 2023
Ward 3       December 12, 2023
Ward 6       December 14, 2023
Ward 10     December 18, 2023

If you live in one of the remaining 6 Wards (Ward 4, 8, 2, 1, 7, or 9) and have an additional pickup, once we complete 1 full round please rake your leaves to the curb and call 311 to schedule an additional pickup.

Beginning in October, the City of Akron will start its annual leaf removal program.  Signs will be posted in your neighborhood by ward with the day of the week we will start leaf collection.

Please keep in mind that it takes multiple days to complete each ward.  The schedule can change due to weather. The dates are listed below. Thank you for understanding and your patience.



Ward 5      October 30 Complete
Ward 3      November 1 Complete
Ward 6      November 3 Complete
Ward 10     November 7 Complete
Ward 4      November 10 Complete
Ward 8      November 16 Complete
Ward 2      November 25 Complete
Ward 1      November 29 Complete
Ward 7      December 2 Complete
Ward 9      December 6 Complete

Rake leaves into the street the day before your scheduled pick up day only.

Rake leaves into the street no more than two feet from the curb or edge of street.

Remove all vehicles off the street when crews are working in your area.

PLEASE NOTE:  parked vehicles left on the street, while crews are working, are subject to be towed/fined.

Our Service is more efficient and economical to the resident if these guidelines are followed.

  • DO NOT place branches and other debris in the pile, they will not be picked up (Leaves only)
  • DO NOT allow children to play in leaves on or near the street. 
  • DO NOT bag leaves unless you have called 311 to arrange for one of your (3) three Sanitation bulk pickups. 
  • DO NOT rake leaves into the street after leaves have been removed from your street or you will be subject to a fine.
  • DO NOT park on leaves

Put In A Request

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