Storm Water

City of Akron Storm Water Program

Municipalities collect and discharge storm water and urban runoff containing pollutants through Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s), from which it is often discharged untreated into local water bodies. Each regulated MS4 is required to develop and implement a stormwater management program (SWMP) to reduce the contamination of stormwater runoff and prohibit illicit discharges.

The City of Akron is nearing the end of its third five year permit for the National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) Phase I program. This program is regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA). The goal of this mandate is to control pollutants entering municipal storm water systems that discharge into receiving waters of the State of Ohio. The Storm Water Management Program contains the City's efforts to reduce pollutants in urban runoff and storm water to the maximum extent practicable. Municipalities must implement an ongoing comprehensive program that addresses each of the Minimum Control Measures (MCM) described below.

  • Public Education & Outreach – Distribute educational materials to the public regarding storm water discharges and ways to reduce storm water pollutants.
  • Public Involvement & Participation – Involve public groups in activities associated with storm water pollution reduction and prevention.
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination – Maintain and enforce a program to detect and eliminate illicit discharges such as cross connections between the storm and sanitary collection systems, and illegal dumping of pollutants into the storm system.
  • Construction Site Storm Water Control –Implement and enforce a program to reduce storm water pollutants discharging from construction sites.
  • Post Construction Storm Water Management –Implement and enforce a program to prevent or minimize water quality and quantity impacts after construction project completion.
  • Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping – Develop and implement an operations & maintenance program to reduce storm water pollution from municipal operations.
  • Industrial and Related Facilities – Implement and enforce a program to address storm water runoff from industrial facilities.