Operations Support Division


Manages requests for legislation necessary to authorize the Service Director to enter design or construction contracts for projects in the City's capital improvements program.

Service Counter
Supplies information regarding existing and proposed City property improvements to engineers, surveyors, architects, real estate persons, lawyers, and property owners, etc.

Contract Management
Manages City design contract payments and City construction contract bidding and payments.

Street Improvement and Street Dedication Petition Program
Manages the street improvement and street dedication petition program through ward councilpersons, community block clubs, and individual citizens.

Private Development Agreements
Manages agreements with private developers to require street improvements constructed by them to comply with City standards.

Underground Records and Central Records Files
Manages the storage and maintenance of underground records, central records files, and project correspondence files.

Secretarial Staff
Provides secretarial and clerical support for other Engineering Bureau divisions.

Resolving Legal Claims
Assists the Law Department in resolving legal claims involving City construction contracts and standards.