The Department of Law serves as the legal arm of the City of Akron, providing timely, responsive, high-quality legal services to all departments and branches of City government.  The Law Department includes the Director of Law, the Deputy Director of Law, the Chief City Prosecutor, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor, and a staff of Assistant Directors of Law and Assistant Prosecutors who are appointed by the Mayor.  The Department of Law handles civil and criminal matters, provides legal opinions, prepares and reviews all contracts, legal documents, and legislation for the City.   

The civil matters handled by the Law Department include civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution matters including mediations, conciliations, and arbitrations. The Law department also addresses criminal matters including conducting the initial appearance for all felony-level offenses and prosecuting criminal misdemeanor offenses and misdemeanor traffic offenses for the City of Akron as well as the townships, villages, and municipalities located within the jurisdiction of the Akron Municipal Court.  This includes the communities of Bath, Richfield, Fairlawn, Springfield, Lakemore, and Mogadore.   Additionally, the City’s prosecutors provide real-time, on call legal advice 24/7/365 to 11 local law enforcement agencies, as well as state and county agencies operating within the jurisdiction of the Akron Municipal Court.  

Civil Division  
172 S. Broadway, Suite 200 
Akron, OH 44308 
(330) 375-2030 
Prosecutor's Office 
172 S. Broadway, Suite 202 
Akron, OH 44308 
(330) 375-2730 
  • Deborah S. Matz, Director of Law
  • Brian T. Angeloni, Deputy Director of Law
  • Christopher Reece, Assistant Director of Law
  • John R. York, Assistant Director of Law 
  • Brian D. Bremer, Assistant Director of Law 
  • Rebecca M. Trudeau, Assistant Director of Law 
  • David Honig, Assistant Director of Law
  • Kirsten L. Smith, Assistant Director of Law 
  • Vonsheay V. Brown, Assistant Director of Law 
  • Raylyn M. Trice, Assistant Director of Law 
  • Jacquenette S. Corgan, Assistant Director of Law
  •  Craig J. Morgan, Chief City Prosecutor 
  •  Elayna M. Saad, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
  •  Laci S. Volcheck, Senior Police Legal Advisor  
  •  Jessica Connell, Domestic Violence and Community Prosecutor 
  • Geoffrey Barnard, Assistant Prosecutor  
  • Nicolette Drotos, Assistant Prosecutor  
  • Anthony M. Erhardt, Assistant Prosecutor
  • David McNeill, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Chloe R. Schaufele, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Madeleine Lane, Assistant Prosecutor
The Law Department oversees public records requests in accordance with Ohio's Sunshine Laws. Common requests include policies and procedures, accident and crime reports, budget data, 911 calls, and crime statistics. In order to fill requests quickly and correctly, specific information is needed.

To file a public record request please email with what records you are seeking. 

The City of Akron Police Department also fulfills public records requests for police records. To file a records request with Akron Police, please email