Sewer Maintenance Division

The Sewer Maintenance Division operates and maintains the sewer collection system that includes the sanitary, storm, and combined sewer systems which collect and transport sanitary and combined sewage to the Akron Water Reclamation Facility at 2460 Akron-Peninsula Road, or storm water to points of stream discharge. The system consists of main sewer lines, manholes, inlets, inlet leads, laterals, pump stations, force mains, combined sewer overflow (CSO) racks, and CSO storage facilities. The Sewer Maintenance Division also maintains waterways that receive storm water from City-owned storm sewers. 

The Sewer Maintenance Division also operates and maintains sanitary sewers, pump stations, and force mains in the Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDD) in Bath, Copley, Coventry, and Springfield Townships. 

The sewer system includes 1,347 miles of sewer (683 miles of sanitary sewers, 158 miles of combined sewers, 365 miles of storm sewers, 139 miles of inlet lead connections), 29,678 manholes, 23,398 inlets, 36 pump stations, 26 permitted CSO locations, 7 CSO storage basins, and 1 CSO conveyance and storage tunnel. 

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