City of Akron Set to Join Power a Clean Future Ohio as 50th Member Community

Akron, Ohio, March 18, 2024  — Today, Akron Mayor Shammas Malik is introducing legislation to Akron City Council to officially join Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO). PCFO is a nonprofit organization focused on tackling climate change at the local level to build a more sustainable future. They help equip local leaders with tools and resources that empower them to create and implement carbon reduction plans that are achievable, measurable, equitable, and economical.

“I’m excited to team up with Power a Clean Future Ohio to pursue efforts that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental sustainability overall,” said Mayor Malik. “Preserving our environment for future generations must be a top priority. Partnering with PCFO will empower us with the tools necessary to create sustainability plans and build greenhouse gas reduction initiatives which in turn improve overall quality of life in the community.”

Participation with PCFO is free of charge to member cities. Partnering with PCFO provides opportunities to collaborate with cities/counties across the state on sustainability-related issues. It also allows Akron to share challenges and successes with peers. Akron joins other PCFO communities such as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton and is the 50th Ohio community to join with the organization.

The City's Director of Sustainability and Resiliency, Casey Shevlin will work closely with PCFO as she sets the foundation for this newly created office and starts to lay out the vision and goals for Akron's environmental future.

“Joining PCFO is the next step in Akron’s journey towards a more sustainable future that is data driven and backed,” said Director of Sustainability and Resiliency Casey Shevlin. “In addition to joining PCFO, Mayor Malik has also formed the Office of Sustainability and Resiliency which is a first for the City of Akron. Akron was also recently announced as 1 of 25 cities selected for the Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities program. This administration is committed to and invested in building a more sustainable future for our community.”

“Power a Clean Future Ohio is looking forward to welcoming the City of Akron as our 50th member community,” said PCFO Executive Director Joe Flarida. “We are grateful for Mayor Malik’s leadership and excited to work with city staff to identify achievable goals in carbon emission reductions that are equitable, economical, and measurable.”

Stephanie Marsh, Director of Communications or 330-256-1191