Mayor Malik Releases 2024 Resurfacing List

Akron, Ohio, April 1, 2024  — Today, Akron Mayor Shammas Malik has released the full 2024 Street Resurfacing list. In 2024, Akron will be resurfacing a total of 70 centerline miles of pavement including 50 carryover miles from the 2023 resurfacing program. By focusing primarily on the carryover work, the city will be able to get the program caught up and start 2025 fresh with a full program completed on an efficient, annual basis. Akron has budgeted $3,975,000 for this year’s program for resurfacing and approximately $2.9M for equipment replacement. A list of streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2024 (including alternates) is available here.

“This year, we are taking a very purposeful approach to our resurfacing program in order to get us caught up and back on track to start fresh in 2025,” said Mayor Malik. ”One of the biggest concerns we hear from residents is about the conditions of their roadways and so it’s certainly a priority for them and for our administration to invest in our resurfacing program.” 

On the list, work is broken out in a number of ways. Items listed as “2023 Carryover” are roads that were originally on the 2023 program but could not be completed and are now first up for this year. Roads listed as “2024” are part of the primary program for this year. Roads listed as “2024 Alternate” will only be completed if additional funding becomes available, otherwise they are considered a priority for next year’s program.

This year’s list also features crack sealing and rejuvenation work for roadways completed in prior years’ resurfacing programs. Crack sealing involves applying elastic material into pavement cracks to prevent or reduce the intrusion of water. This helps extend the pavement life. Rejuvenation is a chemical process that replaces lost bitumen oils in the roadway which again helps protect the pavement and extend its lifespan. The resurfacing program does not include concrete or brick roads scheduled for repair since they are not utilizing asphalt however the list does separately show the concrete roads in the patch and match program for 2024. The concrete patch and match program is not an overall replacement of the entire pavement, but replacement of individual concrete slabs (or blocks) that are needed. Each slab is around 10’ x 12’- 18’ depending on the street. Each road segment is evaluated, and a determination is made which segments need to be replaced in order to improve the overall condition of the road.  It could just be 1 slab that needs replaced or multiple.

The paving list and schedule are subject to change due to various circumstances such as weather and underground utility work. If streets are being used as highly traveled detour routes for various construction projects, resurfacing on those roads may be delayed. In creating the resurfacing list each year, the City grades the condition of each street and paves the “worst first,” taking into consideration traffic conditions and clustering streets together to reduce mobilization costs and maximize efficiency.

Signage will be posted on each street several days before resurfacing work is scheduled to begin. Traffic is maintained as much as possible during this work, but on-street parking is prohibited on the dates posted.  Periodic updates to the program will be posted on the City’s social media pages (Facebook: City of Akron, Ohio – Mayor’s Office; Twitter: @AkronOhioMayor.) 

Stephanie Marsh, Director of Communications or 330-256-1191