City of Akron Releases Personnel File of Officer Involved in Recent Shooting

Akron, Ohio, April 8, 2024  — Today, Akron Police Department released the body camera footage of the interaction between the officer and the 15-year-old subject in the officer-involved shooting which took place on Monday, April 1 . The footage is currently available here.  In addition to the footage, Mayor Malik is releasing the officer’s personnel file. The file is a matter of public record, and the city has received several requests for its contents. You can view the personnel file here.

The officer’s file includes a number of disciplinary actions and use of force incidents, one of which has been deemed unreasonable. Additionally, the city anticipates having further information to release in the coming weeks.

“In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we are releasing both the body camera footage showing the officer’s entire interaction with the adolescent who was shot, and the officer’s personnel file,” said Mayor Malik. “We will continue to be transparent and communicative as the process unfolds.”

The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is conducting a thorough, independent investigation. At the conclusion of their investigation, they will turn their findings over to the Ohio Attorney General's Office for review who will then present the information to a Summit County Grand Jury for their evaluation. 

Upon the completion of BCI’s investigation, a separate internal investigation will be conducted by the Akron Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards and Accountability.  Those results will be shared with the City of Akron Police Chief and Independent Police Auditor for their review.