Mayor Malik Joins Nation’s Mayors in Washington, DC for U.S. Conference of Mayors’ 92nd Winter Meeting

Akron, Ohio, Jan. 17, 2024  — This week, Mayor Shammas Malik, Chief of Strategy Nanette Pitt, and Policy and Grants Strategist Emma Lieberth Osborn will attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ (USCM) 92nd Winter Meeting in Washington, DC, bringing together a bipartisan group of more than 250 mayors from across the country. The three-day conference provides an opportunity for mayors to discuss the biggest challenges facing cities, collaborate, share best practices and engage with top federal officials on the issues most important to cities like Akron.

The meeting will feature conversations with national leaders, including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, top Cabinet officials, and members of Congress as well as other leaders in the public and private sectors. On Friday, January 19, the final day of the three-day Winter Meeting, Mayor Malik will travel to the White House for the meeting with President Biden.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to connect and network with peers from across the nation as we share together and hear about emerging solutions on some of the top challenges facing our city," said Mayor Malik. " I often say that one of my favorite things about local government is the opportunity to borrow great ideas from other cities and this conference will provide a wealth of great ideas. Some of the most consequential federal officials are in attendance at these meetings, and it is important that our city has a voice when engaging national leaders and working with them to support our local efforts. The conversations this week will include key issues like safety, education, and economic development which are at the heart of our strategic priorities in Akron."

“Our cities and communities are stronger when we work together. The U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting brings mayors from across the country to exchange their best ideas, highlight emerging challenges, and find solutions that work. It also allows us to use our shared voice to advocate for federal policies that are critical to the health of American cities. Once again, mayors will show what can be accomplished when politics are set aside and the well-being of our residents is prioritized,” said USCM President Reno (NV) Mayor Hillary Schieve.

For planning purposes, a draft agenda can be found here and a list of pre-registered mayors can be found here. These links will be continuously updated.

Stephanie Marsh, Director of Communications or 330-256-1191